Safe Communities Pick-Up & Delivery – is a new Wooven’ Pick-up and delivery service started August 21st, 2017 and developed to assist in preventing crime in your community, to make your community’s roads safer, and to protect your property and privacy.


Dear Customers,

Despite overall crime rates decreasing in recent years, crime continues to be a significant problem, even in private gated communities.

The increases in visits from delivery and services companies has become a serious problem for communities as they try to create a balance between convenience and the safety of their residents.

Every day residents authorize hundreds of repair vendors, delivery companies, and landscaping/yard/pool service people to enter their community. However, nobody really knows the individuals that work for these companies. Most are reliable hard-working individuals simply doing their job. Occasionally, however, there might be a criminal gathering private information about residents’ families and their daily routine. Perhaps a registered sex offender or burglar is delivering your pizza to your kids.

This uncontrolled access can create serious negative effects on the safety of communities and deems many security measures almost useless.

Considering this concern, we reviewed our internal rules and procedures in regard to hiring delivery staff, monitoring daily performance, and  background checking in order to provide our customers with the highest quality dry cleaning and the most secure, safe and convenient pick-up & delivery service.

To Assist in Preventing Crime in Your Neighborhood

  • All Wooven drivers and personnel entering your community go through an extensive background check.

To Make Your Neighborhood’s Roads Safer

  • All Wooven route drivers entering your community have clean driving records for the past 12 months.
  • All Wooven’s drivers entering your community have 5+ years of driving experience.
  • All Wooven drivers and personnel entering your community are randomly tested for drugs and alcohol.

To Protect Your Property

  • All Wooven’s vehicles entering your community are covered by a $1 million General Liability Insurance Policy.


  • All Wooven personnel sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect your personal information.
  • All Wooven drivers wear whites and carry a “Safe Communities” identification badge to be easily recognized as Wooven’s drivers.

Safe Communities Pick Up & Delivery
Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully before scheduling a pick up as our terms and conditions have changed.

We provide Free Pick Up & Delivery for all orders over $50.00*. Typically this amounts to about 8 or 9 standard dry cleaning pieces.

A $20.00 service fee will be applied to all orders below $50.00.  Fee is charged on pickup only. Not delivery.

* $75.00 minimum required for free pickup & delivery in Miami and West Palm Beach/Palm Beach.

How it Works:
$20.00 delivery fee is charged when your pick-up is scheduled.

When your order is received in our plant, we detail your order and calculate the total amount of your cleaning. If the total is $50.00 or more, we will apply the $20.00 that we charged for the pickup to the total.

For example, if the total amount of your order is $55.00, we will apply the $20.00 that you paid for pickup and charge you the additional $35.00. In this case you will have paid $55.00 total for this order.

If the total amount of your cleaning is $30.00, for example, then we will charge you the $30.00 for the order and you will have paid $50.00 total for cleaning plus pickup and delivery.

Cancelling a Pickup:
If you need to cancel a pickup, please do so by 4:30pm on the business day before your pickup in order to avoid delivery service fees. You may cancel by texting CANCEL PICKUP to 954-246-3150 or simply reply CANCEL PICKUP to your pickup reminder text.





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