5 Surprising Ways Wooven Strives For Green Cleaning

Caring for the Earth and our environment is as important to Wooven as caring for our customers and providing them the ultimate in garment care. For these reasons, we strive to be a “green cleaner.”

1. Wooven Offers Wet Cleaning!

You may be saying to yourself, “What is wet cleaning?”  Wet cleaning is a water-based technology that uses biodegradable detergents that are eco-friendly and gentle to the environment.  It’s safer, more energy efficient and even makes the clothing smell better. It’s a great way to be a more eco-friendly green cleaning company.

2.  Wooven’s Facilities

Our facilities have energy efficient lighting. Small details are always important to Wooven. This is yet another way we show we care about our impact on the environment!

3. Even Wooven’s Vehicles Are Green!

Our route delivery vehicles are energy efficient. Customers can take pride in knowing our door-to-door service is well planned and provides the ultimate in garment care with less cost to the Earth.

4. Wooven Conserves Water!

The Wooven plant recycles water with a state of the art system. This technology provides us with less waste and yet another way to be greener in the community!

5. The Staff At Wooven Are Always Learning More!

Part of being a green cleaning company means looking for new ways to be more earth friendly.  We continue to seek out new ways to do things and are committed to learning about new technology, services and upgrading to equipment that is good for the environment.

Trust Wooven For Green Cleaning

As a customer, we know you expect the best from Wooven. We provide our services with the care of the Earth in our minds and hearts as well. Providing premier cleaning and laundry services is our pleasure and green cleaning is a commitment that you can respect. Thank you for choosing Wooven as your green cleaning expert!

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