Boca Raton Dry Cleaning Experts Offer 7 Tips To Protect Clothing From Color Loss

Do you have a floral print that you love? What about a striped dress that has contrasting colors? Keep those bright fabrics looking their best with the information below!

Why do colors bleed or disappear completely?

There are many reasons garments can lose their color. Household cleaners and bleach can disturb the dyes. Often this removes they colors completely, resulting in white patches and spots. They same thing happens with hair and skin preparations, perfumes and other substances that contain alcohol.

Pink, red, blue and black are usually more susceptible to color loss. Some variances in the colors happen over time regardless of the precautions taken.

Do you know what "Fugitive dyes" are?

These types of dyes are the biggest manufacturer-related issue according to ITAL (International Textile Analysis Laboratory, an independent organization).  Fugitive dyes are not colorfast. Cleaning solutions and even just water can dissolve the dyes when these types are used in clothing. It can be just parts of the garment or may occur throughout. For example, if you have a red and white striped shirt that used these types of dyes, it may come out completely white after cleaning.  Purchasing your clothing from a reputable retailer may avoid problems like these.

Tips To Minimize Color Loss And Dye Transfer

First of all, read the care label completely and follow the recommendations. Your item may have unstable dyes if it says to wash it with similar colors or in cold water only. Additionally, if it says to wash it separately, this may be a hint that the colors may run.

Do you have multiple pieces of a matching outfit? Wash or have them cleaned all at the same time to avoid color mismatches.

Do you think a red or pink dye will bleed during the wash cycle? It probably will. Wash this garment in cold water on a short cycle with similar colors to minimize the color loss or any dye transfer to other items in the load.

Hair spray, perfumes and other alcohol containing substances may cause color loss. Remember this means skin lotions and preparations too. Use them with caution around your colorful clothing items. This goes for anything containing bleach as well.

It’s essential to have your garments cleaned as soon as possible after wearing to prevent color loss from perspiration. 

Stains and spills should be treated quickly. Blot the area lightly, rubbing the stain can cause damage to the fabric. Some spills like soda, dry invisibly but can show up when you are least expecting it.

When having your garments cleaned, it’s important that you let the customer service agent know about stains and have it examined fully to prevent further color loss.

Colorful garments should be stored in a cool, dark closet. It’s crucial that natural and artificial light is avoided.

Wooven can test your newly purchased dry clean only garments for colorfastness. If the tests show that your colors may bleed, you may decide to return it to the retailer for a refund to avoid problems.

It is imperative that you know some clothing and fabrics may have color issues even if all of the care label instructions are followed and testing is completed before any cleaning is performed.

Wooven Dry Cleaning can help you with a plan of action for your colored garments! Call us to schedule your pick up and we’ll help you keep those colors from running!

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