A Gentleman’s Guide To Neck Tie Care

Your necktie says a lot about who you are. It speaks to your goals, style, attitude and even grooming habits. Whether you’re in an important business meeting or at an event where you need to dress to impress, your necktie can mean the difference between making a good impression and a great one!

Neckties Are An Important Accessory

One of the most important accessories in a gentleman’s closet is his necktie. Caring for them is important and should be done just like you would care for any other type of clothing. One great thing about neckties is that they do not require cleaning every time you wear them. In fact, unless you’ve encountered a spill or a stain, you can carefully store them in a drawer.

Necktie Cleaning

Wooven Dry Cleaning takes pride in making your neckties look their absolute best. Neckties however, can be a challenge even for the most experienced dry cleaner. This is very important to remember when choosing a dry cleaner for your items. Because neckties are often a multicolor print, dry cleaning is usually the best option when it comes to bringing your necktie back to like new condition.

More To Know About Neckties

Neckties are usually constructed of several layers and Wooven Dry Cleaning may need to actually take the tie apart to treat a stain effectively. If this is not done, moisture may stay in the thicker, layered areas. This can lead to dye bleeding and a host of other problems.

Often necktie fabric is cut on a diagonal grain, which leaves it susceptible to distortion both during usual wear and even during cleaning. Wooven Dry Cleaning employs a variety of special tools and techniques to return your tie to you distortion free.

Use Caution When Removing Stains At Home

Sometimes you might have no other choice but to attempt a quick stain removal, right? If this is something you have to do, please blot the stain. Do not rub it. Rubbing the necktie while it’s damp may lead to damage in the surface yarns. This can often lead to color loss and make your necktie most unappealing. You might not even notice this happened until the next time you wear it for your next important meeting.

How does Wooven Dry Cleaning Handle Neckties Without Care Labels?

Wooven often receives neckties without care labels. The first thing we do when a customer brings us one without a care label is to test it for colorfastness. We do this by testing a small sample in an area of the item where it would be unnoticeable. Doing this helps us determine the best method of care for your necktie or any other item. Next, we continue testing other features of the necktie to ensure that your tie is returned to you in the most excellent condition.

Choose Wooven Dry Cleaning For Your Necktie Care!

You can trust that Wooven knows neckties and will make sure your next business meeting, wedding or night on the town will be a success with an amazing tie. Please contact Wooven for all your dry cleaning needs! You can count on Wooven’s ease of clean!