America’s Best Cleaners Recognizes Wooven Boca Raton Dry Cleaners

For the highest level of quality garment care, Wooven Dry Cleaning is the choice of South Florida residents. That quality and superior service is now acknowledged from America’s Best Cleaners. While this is a distinguished recognition for Wooven, what it says about our garment care is even more important for our customers.  It means that our unprecedented workmanship is the best of the best in the garment care industry.

About America’s Best Cleaners

When it comes to dry cleaning and laundry care, America’s Best Cleaners knows excellence. In the clothing care business; they are the most distinctive mark of greatness. America’s Best Cleaners is affiliated with many of the fashion A-listers as well as the most discerning clients. In services to the previously mentioned, they search out and recognize dry cleaners that provide customer service and garment care that is extraordinary and unique. Wooven is proud to receive this accolade.

The Steps To Certification

Many parts and pieces go into being recognized by America’s Best Cleaners. Many guidelines and specifications are required to even be considered. Wooven Dry Cleaning made every effort to go beyond what is even expected by America’s Best Cleaners. Before a discussion even begins, a dry cleaner must offer premier services. Wooven was already striving to provide top-level garment care with customer account statements, hand finished service, delivery route service and much, much more. With many of the benchmarks of America’s Best Cleaners in place, Wooven was able to proceed to the next step of certification. Members of America’s Best Cleaners provided a facility review in which Wooven was able to prove their top-notch expertness. This amazing recognition must be maintained by continuing monthly location and delivery service audits. Most importantly, all of this is in addition to Wooven’s upscale dry cleaning and laundry care that our customers already can count on.

What Wooven’s Certification Means For Our Customers

While receiving this honor is an esteemed distinction for Wooven, we are more proud of what it means for our customers. For them it means the ultimate care for your wardrobe and more. We send our utmost gratitude to America’s Best Cleaners for bestowing this recognition and to our customers as well for allowing us to provide you with the best of the best when it comes to your garment care!