THE Best Dry Cleaner in Pembroke Pines

When you have upscale designer garments that need cleaning you don’t want to entrust them to just any dry cleaner, you want the best dry cleaner in Pembroke Pines. You want a dry cleaner with the experience and expertise capable of safely and professionally sanitizing your fine fabrics. In Pembroke Pines that means you want Wooven Dry Cleaning.

Wooven takes dry cleaning to a new level. We specialize in cleaning, repairing, restoring and archiving designer clothes, fine silks, leathers, linens, vintage clothing and Persian and Oriental rugs. Our clients are exceptionally discerning and expect the best care available for their garments and other items. We exceed their expectations by operating a state-of-the-art facility staffed with certified technicians skilled in caring for even the most challenging fine fabric items.

But it’s more than that. Our clients are delighted with our service because of our culture of extraordinary care. Yes we have the latest in computerized European dry (and wet) cleaning technology and our facility is spotless (clients who have toured our plant almost universally compare it to a pharmaceutical lab) but it is the total commitment and focus of everyone at Wooven, from the CEO to our delivery couriers, to absolute customer satisfaction.

That’s why our clients keep coming back and that’s why we are the best dry cleaner for fine fabrics in Pembroke Pines.

Extraordinary Care for Extraordinary Clothing

Almost all of our clients have experienced the disappointing results that traditional dry cleaning processes create. That’s why they sought out Wooven, the specialist in fine apparel care.  Traditional processes used by most Pembroke Pines dry cleaners can cause:

  • A dulling of fabric colors. This is caused by a residue left by traditional dry cleaning solutions. At Wooven our hypoallergenic solutions leave no residue allowing the lustrous original colors to shine through.
  • Garments can be returned misshaped.  Traditional finishing presses can’t effectively deal with designer apparel. At Wooven we use the same presses that the designer manufacturers use when they assemble the garment.
  • Traditional dry cleaning solutions can leave clothing smelling like… well like they were just dry cleaned. We use a finishing solution that softens the fabric and imbues a delightfully fresh scent.

Of course our clients can schedule a dry cleaning pickup and delivery time but we can make it far more convenient. We can eliminate the need for our client to be present for the pickup and delivery by installing an unobtrusive locker on the side of their residence. Our couriers will arrive on a set schedule and pickup and deliver items from the secure locker without the need for the client to be home, or even in the state.

Convenience and care. If you want the best for the best in your wardrobe call our customer service representative now and schedule a complimentary pickup!

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