THE Best Dry Cleaner in West Palm Beach

In West Palm Beach the best dry cleaner for designer garments, fine linens, silks and collectable Persian rugs is unquestionably Wooven Dry Cleaning. The reason is simple. Fine fabrics require special processing in order to ensure they are properly sanitized and retain their original color and shape. There are no other West Palm Beach dry cleaners that are equipped or have the expertise in cleaning your upscale apparel than we do.

At Wooven our niche is fine fabrics. We can dry clean or launder your Dockers and American Eagles and they will be pampered way more than they require or deserve. However, when we clean your Dior, Calvin Klein or Armani you can rest assured that you have entrusted your garment to professionals and it will be returned completely sanitized, in its full original color, shaped perfectly and softer and fresher smelling than the day you purchased it.

Here’s why we can do it and other West Palm Beach cleaners cannot.

Special Treatment for Special Clothing

We regularly consult with the manufacturers of designer garments to ensure our process is appropriate for the fabrics and construction methods they use.

  • Each garment is hand inspected before cleaning to spot stains, weak seams, loose accessories and other issues that need to be addressed before cleaning.
  • Our dry cleaning and laundry equipment is state-of-the-art imported from the global leaders in dry cleaning technology in Germany, Brussels and France.
  • Our cleaning solutions are also imported from Europe and are certified hypoallergenic. Our solutions are also eco-friendly and do not contain the harsh solvents found in traditional dry cleaning operations.
  • Our entire facility, including dry cleaning and laundry equipment, air temperature and humidity levels is computer controlled to optimize the cleaning, pressing and drying process.
  • Finishing is accomplished using the same presses that designer manufacturers use… not the standard presses found in most dry cleaners.

While complimentary pickup and delivery is not uncommon in West Palm Beach, we take doing business to a new level of convenience. Many of our clients have opted for our exclusive locker system. We install a secure, unobtrusive locker on the side of your residence and then pickup and deliver on a set schedule. For our clients, getting their dry cleaning done is as convenient as bringing in the newspaper. There is no need for the client to be home when our courier picks up or drops off dry cleaning as the garments are in the locker.

If you have been disappointed with the performance of other West Palm Beach dry cleaners be prepared to be delighted. Call our service representative now and arrange for your first pickup!

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