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Wooven Dry Cleaning is unquestionably the leading provider of Palm Beach green dry cleaning services. At Wooven we believe that conducting our business in an eco-friendly fashion is not only the responsible thing to do as a corporate citizen, but it also provides superior results for our customers’ upscale garments. Green is good and that’s why we go to lengths to improve our processes on a daily basis.

The truth is there’s nothing dry about dry cleaning. Traditional methods involve “cleaning” your garments in harsh liquid solutions, extracting the solution (to be processed and used again) and then drying the garments. These solutions can leave your garments feeling stiff and smelling like…well like they were just dry cleaned.

At Wooven we have invested in the latest computer controlled machines and only use eco-friendly solutions that leave your garments looking as bright and feeling as soft as the day you purchased them

Green Dry Cleaning Means More than Just Changing Solutions

Wooven is unlike any dry cleaner you have ever used. We have taken dry cleaning to an entirely new level. Our main plant, which was awarded America’s Best Dry Cleaning Plant is state-of-the-art and more closely resembles a pharmaceutical production facility because of its immaculate appearance.

Our investment in superior garment cleaning includes:

  • Ensuring that all technicians are certified by the Dry Cleaning Institute
  • Importing industry leading machines and presses from France, Germany and Belgium
  • Also importing all of our soaps and solutions from European suppliers who offer certified hypoallergenic products.
  • Providing “wet cleaning” for selected fabrics which utilizes protein based solutions that not only sanitize the garments but nourishes them as well. Wet cleaning also provides superior stain removal for certain fabrics.
  • All cleaning processes are computer controlled ensuring best temperatures, proper solutions and cleaning times.

Because of our processes and keen attention to detail, your garments and laundry are delivered back to you in “better than new” condition including bright colors, soft fabric, perfectly pressed and smelling fresh.

If your clothes deserve the best care you should call us today and speak to our friendly representative to schedule a free pick up of your dry cleaning order at your Palm Beach home or workplace!

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