Boca Raton Comforter Cleaning

A down comforter is often the centerpiece of a bedroom’s décor and when you need comforter cleaning in Boca Raton you want a dry cleaner you can trust to return the spread looking as bright, feeling as soft, and smelling as fresh as the day you purchased it. You want Wooven Dry Cleaning, Boca Raton’s premiere cleaner of exceptional apparel and fine fabrics.

Down comforters, or garments that are down filled, present cleaning challenges that are rarely successfully addressed at home. Obviously if the tag on the comforter says dry clean only you want to call Wooven and arrange a complimentary pickup; but if there is no tag, please do not give in to the temptation to wash the spread in your washer and dryer.
Down comforters have two main features, the color and design of the fabric that sets the tone in your bedroom, and the down filling that provides incredible insulation and that soft cozy feeling. Both are easily damaged in a standard washer and dryer or even in the larger commercial machines found at Boca Raton’s laundromats.

Why Professional Comforter Cleaning is Important

While the comforter’s fabric might survive a home washing the odds of the down filling coming through unscathed are slim. Down is a unique filler and if not dried correctly is subject to clumping and mildew. If either of those conditions occurs the spread is pretty much ruined.
That’s why you need the professionals at Wooven Dry Cleaning.

  • Our equipment is state of the art imported from global industry leaders in France, Germany and Belgium. All of our machines are computer operated providing precise water or cleaning agent temperatures, custom agitation levels and drying cycles designed specifically for down.
  • Our cleaning agents are also imported from Europe and are certified as 100% hypoallergenic assuring you an allergy free night’s sleep.
  • We regularly check with manufacturers to ensure that our processes are compatible with their fabrics.

When you receive your favorite down comforter back from us you will be absolutely delighted with the bright colors, soft feel and fresh scent that you remember from the day you bought it.

Wooven is the premiere dry cleaner for Boca Raton providing exceptional care for exceptional clothing. Call us today and take advantage of our complimentary pickup and delivery service to have your favorite comforter cleaned by the caring professionals!

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