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There is no shortage of places in Boca Raton to take your dry cleaning to, but if you are looking for the finest results and the ultimate in convenience then there is only one dry cleaning service in Boca Raton to patronize, Wooven Dry Cleaner. Wooven has raised the bar for the dry cleaning business in Boca Raton with new standards for performance, convenience and customer service.

If your wardrobe includes upscale or designer apparel you already know those garments require special care to look their best. You have probably already experienced the disappointment of an upscale garment being stretched out of shape or losing its color and of course smelling like it was just dry cleaned.

There is a reason those mishaps occur. At other Boca Raton dry cleaners and laundry services your Armani suit or Dior gown is processed the same way as a garment from Men’s Warehouse or J. C. Penney. The same standard presses, the same cleaning solutions, the same cleaning processes are used for all garments regardless of the amount of detail and attention that may be required by some.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Exceptional Care for Exceptional Clothes

At Wooven we treat every garment and laundry item as if it were upscale. Our entire operation was designed from the ground up to deliver a superior by providing:

  • State-of-the-art dry cleaning and laundry machines imported from the industry leaders in Belgium, Germany and Italy.
  • Cleaning solutions, also imported from Europe that are not only gentle and ecofriendly but certified hypoallergenic as well. In addition they don’t leave a residue meaning your garment’s original colors are not muted or faded. As an additional bonus, our process leaves your garments feeling soft and smelling fresh. No chemical stiffness or odor in our process.
  • Our presses are identical to those used in fashion houses. When a designer shop touches up a garment for display, they are using the same presses and finishing tools that we use.
  • All of our technicians are certified by the Dry Cleaning Institute.
  • We offer complimentary pickup and delivery six days per week at your home or office. For the ultimate in convenience we offer a locker system installed discreetly at your residence where you can simply drop off and pick up your dry cleaning and laundry at your convenience.

When you want the best dry cleaning and laundry service in Boca Raton you want to call us and speak to a Wooven customer representative. Why not schedule a pickup today?

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