Alterations in Boca Raton & Wellington FL

When you have designer garments that need alterations you should limit your choice of services in Boca Raton to the alterations and tailoring professionals at Wooven Dry Cleaning. Hundreds of Boca Raton residents regularly entrust Wooven to provide the professional care required to clean their upscale clothing and fine linens. That same professional standard of service extends to our alterations and tailoring department ensuring that our customers’ clothes fit perfectly.

The key to our incomparable alterations service is the extensive experience our team has altering and tailoring fine gowns (including wedding gowns) suits, sport coats, blouses, trousers and more. From cuffs to hems to shoulders to waist, or simply sewing on a button, our alterations and tailoring department is committed to providing a service that will result in your total satisfaction.

Altering and Repairing Heirlooms

Beautiful wedding gowns are often passed down to daughters with hopes that they might wear them at their own wedding. If your daughter has decided to wear yours on her big day our Wooven tailors and alterations experts can fit the gown so that it looks as fabulous on your daughter as it did on you.

In the event that your bridal gown (or any heirloom piece) wasn’t successfully preserved, our certified technicians can rejuvenate it using a number of proven processes. We have been successful in removing stains, yellowing, repairing beading and embroidery and of course cleaning the years of storage from the garment. Trust our services to bring back your heirloom to like new condition.

Meeting Customer Expectations

As with all of our services our objective is completely satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations. Alterations (and sometimes cleaning) may require the garment be partially disassembled in order to protect the fabric. If we believe this is a necessity we will text you and advise you of the situation. We will not go forward unless we have your permission. Keeping the client apprised of the status of the order is a priority at Wooven.

For a first hand description of our services we recommend you spend a moment and see what our customers are saying about us.

If you have a garment that needs professional alteration we suggest you call our Boca Raton customer service representative today to discuss your needs!

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