Clothes and Linen Private Cleaning

If you wish to ensure that your items are treated in a secluded environment, Wooven has the ability to effectively meet your needs. Wooven offers private garment and linen cleaning services, where our staff’s sole attention will be on providing your prized possessions with the highest and safest levels of care. This standard is achieved by treating items such as bed linens, shirts, dresses, children’s clothes and a host of other pieces in a thoroughly sanitary and isolated environment. At Wooven, your clothing will be wet cleaned, hand or machine washed, and dry cleaned completely separate from anyone else’s, guaranteeing you an unparalleled degree of privacy. The machines utilized especially for this level of service are meticulously disinfected after every use, further insuring your health and wellbeing. This degree of exclusivity even extends to the finishing and packing of your garments and linens when the time comes to prepare them for return to you.

Overall, our private cleaning services re-create and capture the degree of focus that our clients would place on the care of their own items, but with the priceless added advantages of state-of-the art equipment, cleaning agents, and expert staff.

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