Equestrian Garment Care and Horseback Riding Clothes Cleaning in Wellington & Ocala Florida

Many of our clients in the Wellington and Ocala areas are horse enthusiasts and find themselves frequently in need of a quality equestrian garment cleaning service. Riding can be as relaxing as a trail walk or as exhilarating as barrel racing. However, the harder your mount works the more dirt, sweat and horse slobber will end up on your riding apparel. There’s just no way around it.
Breeches, jodhpurs and leather accessories come in a variety of fabrics; some can be carefully laundered while others require dry cleaning. Regardless of the cleaning process, every equestrian garment needs to be carefully hand inspected to identify and treat stains, exceptionally soiled areas and to ensure Velcro closures and stitching are not damaged. This requires a level of care and experience that is one of the hallmarks of Wooven Dry Cleaning, the area’s premiere cleaner of fine fabrics.

Extraordinary Care for Extraordinary Clothes

Wooven has become the leading provider of superior dry cleaning and laundry services for upscale fabrics and skins in the Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Our clients entrust us with their Dior, Versace, Armani garments and yes, their Tailored Sportsman and other upscale equestrian breeches to our certified staff and state-of-the-art dry cleaning and laundry facility.

At Wooven we have imported cutting edge equipment from global leaders like Miele Professional (Germany), Real Star (Italy), Trevil (Italy), Laco (Belgium), and Kreussler (Germany) to provide our Dry Cleaning Institute certified technicians the best possible tools to work with. Our cleaning solutions and laundry soaps are also imported from Europe and aside from being eco-friendly; they are certified hypoallergenic to protect our clients.

Our clients are absolutely delighted with the quality and care we provide their laundered and dry cleaned garments. Colors are always true and never faded; shaping is done on custom presses used by the garment manufacturers so clothing is always crisp and our cleaning solutions leave the fabric soft and fresh smelling.

Speaking of fresh smelling, after an enjoyable day at the Brandon Equestrian Center or one of the other horse ranches in the Wellington area your equestrian apparel will likely be imbued with a uniquely equine aroma. While this scent is fine in the stable it will do nothing to improve the ambiance at your residence.

If you take advantage of our secure garment locker, which we unobtrusively install on the side of your home, you can deposit the garments and our courier will pick them up on the next scheduled day. Our garment locker is the ultimate in convenience. Like many dry cleaners in Wellington and Ocala we offer complimentary pickup and delivery. However, the locker eliminates the need for our client to be present. Simply deposit your garments in the locker and we will pick them up and deliver them on a convenient scheduled basis.

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