Fur Cleaning in Boca Raton & Wellington FL

If you have a fine fur and you live in the Boca Raton, Palm Beach or Wellington areas, we recommend you call our customer service representative at Wooven the next time your fur needs cleaning and polishing. Unlike other garments, furs are not cleaned only when they get dirty. Cleaning for a luxurious fur is a matter of maintenance.

The principal concern when dealing with a natural skin is preservation of natural oils in the pelt. A “clean fur” should leave a trace of oil on your fingers when you run your hand over the garment. Unfortunately these oils attract dust and pollutants like a magnet and these particles act like sponges drying up the pelt and giving the garment a tired, used look if left unchecked.

We recommend that your furs be cleaned at least annually, twice a year if you wear them frequently.

The Fur Cleaning and Polishing Process

When our delivery service brings your fur to our facility it first goes through a thorough hand inspection to identify any issues that need to be addressed such as a torn/misshaped lining or fasteners that need to be repaired.

Our cleaning process is gentle and all natural removing the “dirt” while preserving the natural oils. After cleaning and conditioning and glazing, the fur is then polished – a process that restores the sheen and luster and results in shinier and softer fur.

We excel at fur cleaning but there are other care issues that are best left to your furrier. For example:

  • Never store your fur at home. Always use your furrier who has the facility to control climate, light and ventilation.
  • If you experience a tear in the skin, take it to your furrier immediately for expert repairs. Sewing pelts is a specialized skill that should be left to the specialists.
  • Never attempt to mothproof your fur yourself. Let an expert protect your investment.

If you have a fur that is due for a cleaning and polishing, call our customer service representative today and arrange for a complimentary pick up of your garment. We guarantee you will be delighted with the results of our exceptional fur cleaning service.

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