Area Rug Cleaning in Boca Raton & Wellington FL

The distinctive area rugs in your Boca Raton residence are an important part of your overall décor and require area rug cleaning at least annually. Contemporary area rugs from designers like Paul Smith and Suzanne Sharp as well as your prized Persian and Oriental rugs may look clean but they are subject to household dust and foot traffic (particularly transitional rugs) that can cause the fibers to lose their luster. Cleaning these rugs, particularly the Persians and Orientals, requires specialized knowledge that the average Boca Raton carpet cleaning service just doesn’t have.

However, the specialists at Wooven dry cleaning do!

Rug Dry Cleaning in Boca Raton, Wellington and Palm Beach

Your area rugs are fashioned with superior fabrics and expertise. You chose them because they are a perfect match in color and style that compliments your décor. They are an investment worthy of special care.


The typical rug cleaning company in Broward County uses the same process on your premium rugs as they do for inexpensive carpeting. Their “steam cleaning” consists of spraying a solution and hot water on your rugs and then vacuuming it up. Even though the vacuum may be truck mounted and impressive looking, it will not evacuate all the water or the cleaning solution. The net result is a wet rug and rug fibers that have absorbed whatever form of cleaning solution used.

Water is a rug’s worst enemy. A damp rug runs the risk of developing mold and rot; not something you want to expose your designer area rugs to. Fibers that absorb soapy solutions are not as vibrant and may give your rug a dull appearance.

What is the solution to long lasting beautiful area rugs? Have them dry cleaned by the certified rug-cleaning specialists at Wooven Dry Cleaning. Dry cleaning does involve some water but the solution used is fully extracted and the fibers dry much faster than simply lying on your floor. Our high tech, cutting edge process ensures that your area rugs are cleaned to perfection.

Call us today and speak to an expert customer service representative that can help you decide the best approach to taking care of your precious rugs. As an added convenience, we will pick up and deliver your area rugs as a complimentary service.

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