Vintage Clothes Cleaning in Boca Raton & Palm Beach FL

Almost all of our customers in Boca Raton have at least one vintage or antique item that they consider priceless and we are honored that they turn to Wooven for their vintage clothes cleaning requirements.  We understand that these items have a heavy emotional investment attached to them and treat them with the expert care that heirlooms deserve.

A grandmother’s wedding dress, a baby’s christening gown, a favorite aunt’s ball gown from the 1920s, a classic Chanel or Dior from years past are all examples of vintage clothing that cannot be replaced. They require special care and treatment that simply isn’t available anywhere else in the Boca Raton, Wellington and Palm Beach area other than Wooven.

Restoring Vintage and Antique Clothing to Their Original Condition

Our vintage clothes cleaning process begins with a white glove inspection identifying fabrics, loose or damaged accessories, stains and areas of weak stitching. Often linings in vintage clothing will have changed shape and it may require partially disassembly the garment to correct.

Before we do anything we will text you our strategy, explain the process and ask for your permission to go ahead. This is your cherished garment and we want you involved.

Our restoration process is successful because we bring to bear all of our cutting edge technology, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, apparel manufacturer quality shaping blocks and computer controlled machines; but the real secret to the process is the talented, experienced and dedicated efforts of our staff. We are not just a dry cleaner. We make our customers’ lives better and for everyone at Wooven that means exceeding expectations and delivering a garment that is in like new condition…even if it’s 100 years old.

If you have an heirloom you can trust Wooven to bring it back to its original color and character. If you have a garment that you want to become an heirloom, like your wedding dress, trust us to clean it to a brilliant white and then box it in a museum quality archival container. Never worry about your special dress yellowing or becoming damaged. When you give it to your daughter decades from now it will be as beautiful as the day you wore it.

If you have questions about our vintage clothes cleaning or if you are interested in archiving a garment, call our knowledgeable customer service representative today.

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