• 1. Do I have to be at home when you pick-up or deliver my clothes?

    No, not at all, in fact, most of our residential customers are not home. That is why we started home delivery service. Our customers told us they wanted more leisure time for doing things that they enjoy. By supplying you with cleaning bags and the convenient monthly billing no one has to be at home to enjoy the benefits of free home delivery. We simply pick up the bag(s) from Wooven Locker we will provide for you and deliver them on the hangers to the same Wooven Locker. It is absolutely secure way to have your cloths and bed linens always clean and perfectly press without spending your time for visiting Drop Off locations or waiting pick up at home or office.

  • 2. How often do you pick up? What are the days?

    We will be in your area twice a week, always on the same days. For example, it could be Tuesdays and Fridays or Mondays and Thursdays etc. When we pick up your bag on Monday, we will bring back your clean and pressed clothes on Thursday, and vice versa. You may call Customer Service anytime at (954) 716-8668 and they will be happy to assist you.

  • 3. What if I don't have anything or don't have much? Do I need to call?

    No you don't have to call, we will send you a text message one day before. The only thing you have to do is to send us back "1" if you need us the next day or "2" if you don't.

  • 4. What time do you pick up and deliver?

    We ask that you just put the bag out by 8:30 in the morning to your Wooven Locker and we will have your clothes delivered by 6pm the next delivery day.

  • 5. How do I pay?

    We simply bill your credit once a month or (if applicable) we will send you a monthly invoice.

  • 6. How much does it cost? Are there any hidden costs? Why don't you charge for delivery?

    There are never any hidden costs. We are in the customer service business and we are glad to bring our cleaners to you. Besides, we are always in your area, servicing great customers just like you in your neighborhood. You can always check our Price List.

  • 7. I am nervous about leaving my clothes outdoors.

    That is the reason for us to provide our Members with the Wooven Locker. This is a custom made cabinet with a secure lock. Nobody but you and our representative will have an access to it.

  • 8. What to do if it is raining outside? How to protect the clothes outside?

    Our Wooven Locker is quite a safe place to keep your cloths even when it is raining outside.

  • 9. I don't know if the turn around time will work for me.

    Some of our customers felt that they had to have a quicker turnaround until they found out that they could send clothes on both Pick up and Delivery days. This ensured them they would always have plenty of clean clothes pressed and ready to wear.

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