Dry Cleaners in Boca Raton Florida

There are plenty of dry cleaners in Boca Raton Florida to choose from but if you are looking for the dry cleaning service that consistently returns your garments perfectly cleaned, perfectly shaped, feeling soft and smelling fresh then you really only have one choice and that’s Wooven Dry Cleaning.

Wooven has raised the bar for dry cleaning in Boca Raton. State of the art equipment imported from global industry leaders in Germany, France and Italy, Dry Cleaning Institute certified technicians, custom presses, certified hypoallergenic cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly, free pickup and delivery and a passionate commitment to exceptional customer care all contribute to a dry cleaning experience that simply cannot be matched in Boca Raton.

Our customers trust us with their designer fashion garments, fine silks, leather, furs even Persian and Oriental carpets. The same care and attention to detail that satisfies retail customers of fine fashion is applied to every garment that enters our facility. You have to experience the Wooven service to appreciate the difference. We are not like other cleaners in the area.

Comprehensive Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

At Wooven we provide extraordinary care for extraordinary clothes including:

  • Garment washing and dry cleaning
  • Linen cleaning
  • Expert alterations
  • Repair and restoration of garments and linens
  • Expert Stain removal
  • Wedding gown cleaning and preservation
  • Antique clothing care
  • Persian and Oriental carpet cleaning
  • Yacht cleaning service
  • Equestrian apparel cleaning

Every item that comes into our facility is carefully hand inspected by a certified technician. We’ll find the hidden stains, the loose button, the weak seam and any other problem before it is processed. Our computer controlled equipment and gentle cleaning solutions will totally sanitize your garment without leaving a residue so common in other dry cleaning processes that dulls the colors and leaves the fabric feeling stiff. Our process leaves your clothes and linens feeling soft and looking like the day you bought them.

Topping off our service is free pickup and delivery service 6 days per week. You can also arrange to have a Wooven locker discreetly installed at your home and make dropping off and picking up your dry cleaning as simple as picking up the morning paper.

If you value your clothes then you need to call us today and schedule your first Wooven experience.

Call (954) 968-6657 for FREE Pick-up & Delivery!

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