Dry Cleaning And More! Wooven’s Cleaning Methods Explained

Have you ever wondered how Wooven gets your clothing, linens and rugs to look so amazing? Wooven Dry Cleaning utilizes the most safe and effective methods for high quality cleaning while providing excellent customer service. Read on for more information on the various processes we provide for your needs at Wooven and to choose which one most suits your situation!

Hand Washing For Your Most Delicate Items

For your most, fragile clothing or items, our dry cleaning staff will hand wash them. Hand washing starts with submerging the apparel in water with mild, very effective detergent to gently eliminate stains and soils from your clothing. Little to no agitation is utilized in this very controlled method at Wooven.

Wooven Does The Machine Washing So You Don’t Have To

Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly detergent and water are used in this less gentle than hand washing method for refreshing your garments. Depending on your preferences and needs, bleach and up to 12 different laundry soaps and supplements may be added. This method utilizes mechanical action get your clothing to its most fantastic level of clean and condition. Based on your garments and the type of fabric, different water temperatures, cycles and lengths of washing time are used. 

Wooven Is A Wet Cleaning Expert

Professionally speaking, the wet cleaning process was created to eliminate dirt and grime from silk and wool using water, special professional detergent with a neutral pH and extraordinary machines.  Wooven also uses wet cleaning to remove dirt and grime from your clothing, linens and rugs with water, the very precise control of detergents and extraordinary machines. Water level, water temperature, pH balance and the agitation speed are all carefully controlled. Careful control of these factors is necessary to prevent shrinkage, loss of color, and fabric distortion.

Dry Cleaning Is Our Specialty!

Dry Cleaning is our name! It’s the high quality cleaning process that Wooven clients just keep coming back for over and over again. The words “dry cleaning” don’t actually explain the process very well. It is called dry cleaning because the fluids used contain little or no water and does not penetrate the fibers like water. A special liquid is used to eliminate soils and stains from a variety of fabrics. In most cases, garments are cleaned and dried in the same machine — they go in dry and come out dry. Other special equipment is utilized after the dry cleaning process to further enhance the look and feel of your clothing and other items. Presses and puff irons are a couple examples of the finishing equipment used.  

For all your dry cleaning needs and more, Wooven has all the options you’d expect in a first class facility. Sign up for our luxury European services today or join our member program and experience for yourself, the ease of clean!

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