Free Pickup and Delivery Dry Cleaning and Laundry

From Miami to West Palm Beach including Sunny Isles, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Wellington FL

Try superior quality dry cleaning and laundry service with free pick up and delivery, specifically created for busy professionals and their families to serve all dry cleaning and laundry needs including wash/dry & fold services.

Here’s how  dry cleaning and laundry Pickup & Delivery works

Just fill in the form Schedule your dry cleaning & laundry Free Pick-up Now and a customer service representative will contact you to help set up your first pickup.
Or . . .
Call us at 954-968-6657.  Even if it is late at night – or nobody picks up the phone, please be sure to leave a detailed message. Sometimes we are busy in the production area, but we check for messages often and we will get back to you ASAP.  Don’t worry, you won’t wait long.

Benefits of regular scheduled dry cleaning & laundry Pickup and Delivery (choose once or twice a week pickup & delivery)

  1. Designed specifically to serve busy professionals and their families. Unlike other dry cleaners, Wooven is the only service developed to provide SUPERIOR CLEANING WITH CONSISTENTLY RELIABLE, ON-TIME, WHITE-GLOVE DELIVERY. From the moment we pick up from your home until the moment we drop off your cleaned garments, we provide a continuity of care to ensure your fine clothing receives the attention it requires at every stage of the process.
  2. Superior Cleaning • Lower Stress. All your everyday clothes as well as business attire will be picked up from your home, perfectly cleaned at our ultra-clean, high-tech cleaning facility, and delivered back to your home once or twice a week on a regular basis. Dry cleaned items and dress shirts are hung on custom made hangers and laundry is delivered perfectly folded and ready to use.
  3. No more piles of dirty laundry. No more separating. No more folding. No more color bleed. Your clothes will be separated by color and fabric, thoroughly cleaned, and returned luxuriously soft, stain free, odor free, and perfectly folded. Our triple filtration and softening system ensures your items are always cleaned with purified, softened water. This allows us to use cooled water and 70% less soap resulting in bright whites, vibrant colors, and no chemical residue on your clothing.
  4. Your dry cleaning returned stain free, odor free, and perfectly pressed. Every garment is inspected for stains and pretreated as necessary. We only use 100% European imported, Green Certified and hypoallergenic solvents and soaps that are environmentally friendly and free of odors, toxins, and harsh chemicals. We reshape each garment after cleaning and then hand finish.
  5. No chemical smells or bad odors. We will never use Perchlorethylene (perc) or other harsh chemicals to clean garments and linens. Simply no harsh chemicals in our facility ever!
  6. No more allergies or itching. All of our solvents and soaps are certified hypoallergenic, dye-free, perfume-free, and formulated to clean clothes thoroughly without irritating sensitive skin.
  7. Business shirts at a quality you just won’t believe! You’ll look sharp and earn compliments from colleagues and peers with your perfectly cleaned, pressed, and shaped shirts. No more stiff “cardboard” feel. No scratchy collars. Your expensive cotton shirts will feel like they should. Your white shirts remain bright and colored shirts stay vibrant. Each shirt is hand-finished with complimentary collar stays and cufflinks (if applicable), delivered on custom hangers designed for long term storage.
  8. Never sew on another button again. We provide complimentary missing button replacements.
  9. No paper tags! You know those little annoying paper tags you remove from your dry cleaning that are most likely piling up in the bottom of your closet?  We’ve eliminated those with a fantastic bar-code system.
  10. No pin holes. We respect your clothing and will never create holes by putting pins through the fabric.
  11. No more re-hanging. Our custom made hangers are specially constructed to maintain a garment’s shape for long term storage. You won’t have to transfer clothes to other hangers.
  12. Convenient Automatic Billing with detailed statements, emailed upon request (no annoying bills to pay or checks to mail in).
  13. Free reminder text the evening before your pick-up! (I wish the trash man did this.)­­
  14. No need to be home for pick-up OR delivery. Just place your soiled laundry outside in your (provided) laundry bags the morning of your regularly scheduled pickup and receive your clean clothes back on the very next pickup day.

Try superior quality dry cleaning and laundry WITH CONSISTENTLY RELIABLE, ON-TIME DELIVERY.

Call (954) 968-6657 for FREE Pick-up & Delivery!

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