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There are several dry cleaners that offer pick up and delivery service in Boca Raton and if you enjoy that convenience you will be delighted with our "Wooven Locker" program. While having a dry cleaner arrive at your home to collect and return your items eliminates the need to go to their shop, it does not eliminate the need for you to be present when they visit. In essence, your schedule is being determined by their schedule.

We listened to our customers and they told us their lives are already busy and they had no need for a dry cleaning service to make more demands on their time. They want their time to be their own to manage, not determined by the needs of a service vendor.

We agree with them.

The Ultimate in Dry Cleaning Convenience

We have always provided our customers with complimentary dry cleaning pick up and delivery and continue the practice for our customers who find it convenient for their particular circumstances. However, we devised a program for clients who want our exceptional cleaning services but wan to minimize their involvement in the process.

That program is the Wooven Locker, an unobtrusive "closet" installed discreetly on the side of the residence where customers can leave their items to be cleaned and retrieve the finished garments.

Here is a brief summary of how the program works and the most frequently asked questions:

  • When you have a locker we will establish a convenient weekly schedule for your pick up and drop offs.
  • The day before our scheduled visit we will text a reminder to you. All we ask is that you reply with a "1" if you have items to be picked up or a "2" if there is no need to stop.
  • We will provide you with Wooven garment bags that you can use to gather your items and place in the closet.
  • When your laundry and dry cleaning order is complete, our representative will hang the items in your closet.
  • The locker is weather tight meaning it will protect your garments even in the hardest downpour Boca Raton can offer in the summertime.
  • We bill your credit card monthly or, if you prefer we can mail you an invoice.

Of course if you have an unplanned demand on your schedule and you need to have an item picked up on other than a scheduled day we will be happy to accommodate you.

We encourage you to invest a moment to hear what this client says about the Wooven Locker service.

Do you want to free yourself from the dry cleaner’s schedule? Call today and speak to our customer service representative about acquiring your own Wooven Locker.

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