Finding The Right Wedding Dress Cleaning And Preservation Service

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. Therefore, you want the gown that you wore on your special day to last a lifetime. However, finding the right company for wedding dress cleaning and preservation in Boca Raton or Parkland can be difficult. Before you entrust that special dress to anyone, you must assess whether the services of the company you choose will be sufficient for your purposes.

The Difference Between Simple Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Almost any dry cleaning establishment can clean your wedding dress. However, there is a marked difference between standard dry where your special dress is cleaned and placed in a box and one where special care is taken to thoroughly preserve the garment so that stains do not appear 20, 30 or more years from now.

Although basic dry cleaning will remove dirt and stains from your wedding dress, it doesn’t protect your dress against long-term yellowing and fabric deterioration along with seemingly invisible stains that can pop up over time and essentially ruin the character of your gown.

When entrusting your wedding dress to an expert, it’s wise to take time to do research. A certified, experienced preservation company will do much more than remove stains, resulting in a garment that will stand the test of time and look just as good years from now as the day that you donned it for your vows.

Questions to Ask Your Preservationist

Obviously, you’ll want to know how much preserving your dress will cost. Beyond that, ask specific questions about what is included in the cost. You should expect a proper consultation and estimate for cleaning and any repair work that your gown may need.

Ask thorough questions about the cleaning process. Will your gown by cleaned individually by hand or in a group with other dresses? Will the work be done on site? The best care will involve individual cleaning at the cleaner’s own facilities. Stain treatment is another important consideration. Ask what the process is for various types of stains, especially those containing sugars, salts and acids. Your preservationist should be knowledgeable about these processes and explain them thoroughly to you. If not properly treated, these stains, while invisible now, can turn to dark brown over time.

Lastly, ask what type of material will surround your gown. Even though you may have a preservation chest, you will still want your gown encased in acid-free tissue and forms that will retain its shape and help prevent deterioration.

Our experts at Wooven Green Dry Cleaning will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about wedding gown preservation, wash and fold service and other concerns for customers in Boca Raton and Parkland, FL.