Ft. Lauderdale Dry Cleaners Explains How to Know if Clothes Are Really Clean

When we do laundry our one purpose is to get them clean. Removing the sweat, dirt and grime is really our number one goal. However, when you do laundry at home, other issues arise. Much of the detergent you add to your machine is still in your clothes after the washing process! Even though it looks clean, it’s not clean at all.

All these chemicals combine with leftover biologchemical residue that you just can’t remove in a home machine. They penetrate your skin’s pores and get absorbed into your bloodstream. It’s not good for you and can actually be toxic to your body. Even worse, you are inhaling these chemicals every minute of every day, year after year. If you sleep on improperly cleaned bed linens, then you continue to be exposed to these toxic substances all night long too.

Something to think about

You buy organic food and clothing made of natural fabrics. Does it make sense that you are exposed to harsh chemicals and toxins from the clothing you wear? Would you choose to inhale them 24/7?

How Wooven Can Help Make Your Clothes Safe And Clean!

Detergents, silicates and cold water

Detergents have a lot of silicates that form stubborn residue on your clothing if not washed out with really hot water. It means that if you wash your delicates in cold or warm water – those chemicals mixed with your biological dirt stay on your clothing.

Wooven uses the latest generation of professional soaps and detergents without silicates. Wooven’s soaps and solvents are natural and biodegradable. A European Hypoallergenic Certificate backs up Wooven’s cleaning agents and our water is temperature controlled for your peace of mind and health.

Water to flush soaps out

Soaps or detergents can be effectively flushed out only with certain amount of water. It means if you can’t measure very precisely a balance between quantity of soaps used and the water needed to flush it out – your clothing definitely will be contaminated with harsh chemicals. Can you measure it that specifically at home? Probably not.

Wooven does measure and balance quantity of soaps and water. All our cleaning processes are completely under control of professional computers which measure soaps delivered to each machine, quantity and temperature of water in order to provide the highest quality of cleaning and at the same time, does not leave any residue on clothing. This perfect balance guarantees that your get your clothing clean and not contaminated with chemicals.

Hard water and softener

Another common reason for soap and detergent residue is that the water you are using to wash your clothes could be too hard. You might use a softener but that just adds more problems to the wash. Unfortunately, softeners are artificial chemicals too and can contaminate your clothing the same way as soaps and detergents.

At Wooven we have professional water softening system installed in our facility. That softened and purified water allows us to use up to 70% less soaps than you use at home with every load and removes all detergents completely.

Is this you?

You keep at home a huge amount of concentrated chemicals (detergents, soaps, stain removals, bleachers, softeners) and all of them are not airtight. It means that every time you do your laundry you not only inhale a huge amount of harsh chemicals but also contaminate the whole your house.

What about the dryer?

When you put washed clothing to dryer it is another disaster. Microscopic parts of chemicals are blown out from the dryer into your home. You may not smell them but be sure that all members of your family will inhale it for a long time after you finish your laundry.

We don’t want to frighten you. We just know that you want to be an informed consumer. It is our responsibility to make sure you know the truth about  “homemade” laundry. Make a smart choice for you, your family and your home; choose Wooven for all your dry cleaning and laundry needs.