How Do You Take Your Coffee (Stain)?

Do you enjoy that morning cup of goodness? Do you greet each day with a delicious brew from your morning coffee shop? Maybe you enjoy an afternoon pick me up of your favorite iced coffee with a colleague? If you love a great cup of coffee like we do then you probably have experienced the pain of a coffee stain too!

Stains are Sneaky

For us here at Wooven, coffee stains can be one of the sneakiest stains that we come across. We love getting to know our customers like you and one of the reasons is we NEED to know how you like your coffee too! You’re probably asking yourself, “Why do they need to know that?”

Help Us Help You!

Did you know coffee stains are often made up of compound elements? Yes, some coffee stains often go beyond the obvious cause of the problem. Let’s take a look at your coffee stain more closely.  For example, these stains often contain milk or cream and other things that make your coffee more delicious.  You don’t have to stop enjoying your delightful cup of joe, we just need to know your preferences to take care of your stains with the excellence you expect from Wooven Dry Cleaning.

Let’s Get Technical

Here’s the nitty gritty as to why coffee stains can cause such troubles! Coffee is a tannin stain while the milk or cream leaves a protein based stain.  This can make the stain more difficult to remove! While the coffee and the milk are water based, we still need to address the protein stain. Wooven treats each type of stain individually even though the stain most likely occurred at the same time.

Choose Wooven For Complete Stain Removal

Wooven Dry Cleaning is your ultimate resource for all your stain removal needs. With a little extra information from you, we can make the process easier on your favorite dress shirt or floral sundress. When you drop off that article of clothing, please inform our friendly customer service representative how you take your coffee: with cream and sugar, milk and sugar, black ect… If you’re a Club Wooven member and Wooven picks up your clothing at your home or office, a quick note pinned to your item will help us make your garment look its best! Cheers to your next steaming mug of coffee without worrying about a stain!

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