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When you want truly clean laundry in Boca Raton, you need to call the experts at Wooven Dry cleaning who use their professional, state-of-the-art processes to not only remove the dirt but the residue left by the typical laundry process used by most dry cleaners. You would think that laundry would be a straight forward task but when you feel the softness, see the brilliant whites and vivid colors and smell the fresh scent of Wooven cleaned laundry you’ll know that all laundry services are not equal.

And there is a reason for that.

Our approach to laundry is the same as our approach to their incomparable dry cleaning service for designer clothing and fine fabrics. That approach is a comprehensive one. Their objective is to provide a service that takes into account every element in the laundry process and results in a laundry item that is unquestionably and totally sanitized and meets or Folded T Shirts ion Colorsexceeds the customer’s expectations.

Who Knew Laundry Was High Tech?

We did. We knew that there are many elements that can impact on the quality of the laundry process and we have taken them all into consideration to deliver the finest laundry service. Among the concerns that we have addressed are the quality and safety of the cleaning solutions used, appropriate water temperatures and water volume, air circulation in the laundry facility, non-damaging drying and uniform folding.

Here is a brief summary of the laundry components we use:

  • Computer controlled, world -lass washers and dryers imported from European manufacturers who have already established a global reputation for excellence.
  • Water that is too hard or too soft plays a major role in the performance of the cleaning solution. Wooven has a commercial grade water purifier that allows us to reduce the amount of cleaning solution by 70% thereby reducing the possibilities of residue adhering to the laundered items.
  • Our laundry cleaning solutions are all certified 100% hypoallergenic protecting our clients from allergic reactions. In addition all of our solutions are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Water volume and temperature is computer controlled to ensure maximum effectiveness of the cleaners and complete flushing of the solution from the items.
  • Dryers are computer controlled to ensure optimal heating and the evacuation of dust and lint from the machine.

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