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Mold Removal from Clothing, Linens, Leather Goods, Drapes, & More

When a home or business becomes infested with mold, it can spread like wildfire and spores can infest clothing, drapes, linens, rugs, and other fabrics whether or not there is any odor or visible presence.  Mold needs to achieve a significant level of concentration before it can be smelled, and once mold is visible on a garment it has been deeply infested and must be properly cleaned.

Before and After Mold Removal.

Wooven Dry Cleaning and Laundry has the training and expertise to safely handle any mold situation on your clothing or household items.

You can be confident that your clothing will be properly laundered or dry cleaned using the safest and most effective fabric restoration and mold remediation techniques available. With special “smart” machines, your clothing and household items will be fully and completely sanitized using the gentlest method available to protect the pieces.

Mold on a suit jacket

Mold on a suit jacket.

Before the cleaning process begins, an ultraviolet lamp (black light) is used to examine every inch of your items to understand the extent of the infestation. Often areas that are significantly infested with mold are invisible and odorless.

Home remediation remedies call for washing clothes in very hot water with bleach, borax, vinegar, or baking soda.  While these remedies may work to remove mold, they will bleach, fade, or even destroy the fibers of clothing.  Unless you are washing hardy white cotton undershirts, none of these home remedies are safe for clothing.

Wooven’s mold remediation uses cool temperatures and imported hypoallergenic soaps and solutions that protect clothing while using a protein enzyme that works to change the molecular structure of mold spores thereby killing the mold and allowing the dead spores to be easily rinsed with cool water or solvents with absolutely no damage to clothing.

Mold Spores are dangerous to your health.


After the cleaning has been completed, a final inspection with an ultraviolet lamp is used to examine every inch of your items to ensure complete removal of all traces of mold.

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