Never Wash your Underwear

Laundry Basket of Soiled UnderwearOkay. We get it! You’re embarrassed. Perhaps you haven’t purchased new underwear in a while and the ones you are wearing now have holes in them. Maybe you are embarrassed because your soiled undergarments are just a bit too soiled. You might not wear underwear at all, or wear the same pair for several days at a time. Or, your sexy lingerie is just a bit too sexy. Some people just don’t want others seeing their “private” garments.

When Wooven Dry Cleaning launched its wash and fold service, it was immediately evident that many clients were too embarrassed to include their lingerie and dirty undergarments in their laundry bags.

We won’t know about your underwear habits.

When your laundry arrives at our Pompano Beach cleaning plant, it’s already bagged with an identifier label on it. No Wooven pickup store employees or truck drivers see your laundry unless you use a clear bag or take something out to show them. Otherwise, the bag isn’t opened until its ready to be washed.

When your large bag of laundry is finally opened, it is rapidly sorted by color and fabric into smaller mesh bags. Each specialist sorts up to 40 large (garbage sized) bags of laundry per hour. The mesh bags are tagged, sorted, and sent to the washing machines.

Our laundry experts have been sorting soiled clothing for many years. As much as 15 years in some cases. The sorters go through thousands of garments each week and have seen just about everything. Not only have our sorters seen sexy lingerie, holes, stains on underwear, and non-traditional items, they see it every day. It’s a non-event.

After being dried, your laundry gets folded, often by a few different people, and placed into the proper container for delivery back to you or to the pick-up store. Your laundry is then returned to you neatly wrapped, but never visible to the delivery driver or pick-up store employees.

We never mention your unmentionables

What are you waiting for? Stop wasting your time doing separate loads of undergarments just to avoid embarrassment. Those undergarments add very little extra weight. Washing them yourself probably costs you more money in water, electric and detergent than the small additional cost incurred with your regular wash and fold service.

Your undergarments are begging for Wooven

Not convinced yet that you should bring us your undergarments? The Wooven pure water “Green Washing Process” uses only 100% hypoallergenic soaps and triple-softened water for rinsing. It is not possible for South Florida tap water to remove the built-up detergents and minerals from clothing fibers the way purified soft water does. This means the clothing you wear next to your skin is finally free from chemicals and detergents. Not only will your undergarments feel softer against your skin, the “Green Washing Process” is less harsh on the material and prolongs the garment’s life.

Add your underwear to your next pickup or drop off. You won’t regret it.

Wash and Fold

If you are not already a Wooven wash-and-fold customer, bring your laundry to any woven drop-off location in Boca Raton or Wellington, or go to home delivery to sign up or call us during normal business hours at (954) 716–8668.