Palm Beach Dry Cleaners are Not All Created Equal

While there is no shortage of Palm Beach dry cleaners it’s important to remember that not all dry cleaners operate the same. Knowing the differences can save you time and money run but just as important, dealing with a professional cleaner like Wooven Dry Cleaning means your garments will look great, feel soft and smell fresh.

And there’s a reason for that.

Traditional dry cleaning uses a solution of perchlorethylene, or “perc” as it is known in the industry to remove soil, grease, stains and other debris from your clothes. The garments are placed in a basket in a large machine and perc is rotated in. The system relies on centrifugal force to remove the perc and dry the garment. Unfortunately perc is hard on almost all fabrics leaving them feeling stiff, smelling like perc, and leaving a residue that dulls colors.

But that’s just the beginning.

Some dry cleaners don’t do the cleaning themselves. They contract with a wholesale cleaner who cleans garments for multiple brands. Your cleaner has no control over this process and worse, if your garment is lost it will be almost impossible to find because of the volume and multiple cleaners.

Here’s Why Wooven Dry Cleaners Should be Your Choice in Palm Beach

At Wooven we treat the dry cleaning business like the high tech industry that it is. You’ve become accustomed to the same old process for so long that the only thing that distinguishes one cleaner from another is price and convenience.

If you care for your wardrobe you are going to be shocked at just how clean, soft and fresh smelling they can be after being cleaned at Wooven and here’s why:

  • Our state-of-the-art facility uses imported machines and presses from industry leaders from Germany, Belgium and France. Every aspect of the cleaning process is computer controlled.
  • Our presses are the same presses that the garment manufacturers use so there are no “press marks” and no stretching a fabric to fit a press.
  • Every technician is highly trained and is certified by the Dry Cleaning Institute.
  • Our solutions are imported, certified hypoallergenic and are eco-friendly.
  • We offer complimentary pick up and delivery 6 days per week.
  • We deliver your clothes feeling, looking, and smelling like the day you purchased them

If you want to discover the difference in Palm Beach dry cleaners for yourself, call today and speak to a friendly representative and schedule your first pick up.