Recycle the Bride’s Dress

Recycling the Bride’s Gown: Creating Decorative Throw Pillows

 Colorful and decorated throw pillows can really turn a house into a beautiful home. Throw pillows are cozy, and warm, and add personality to any room. We often look for throw pillows with various colors, shapes, sizes, tufted, and even throw pillows that are long and cylinder shaped.

Pillows, however, are seldom thought of when discussing repurposing a wedding dress. Yet this is one of the least expensive and most pleasant ways to recycle a gown.


Beautiful throw pillow made from the wedding dress.


There are several different options for repurposing a wedding dress to create a throw pillow. First, you can use the fabric of the wedding dress to create the entire ticking itself. In other words, a piece of the wedding dress itself gets cut to the size of the throw pillow. A matching back piece of fabric is used (recommend a cotton-linen blend) and these two pieces are stitched together. At this point you will need to choose whether to have a zippered opening or an envelope opening (also called a French back pillowcase). Use the French back method only if using a pillow form insert. Do not use the French back method if stuffing directly with polyfill.

A simpler method to create this wedding dress pillow is by purchasing a plain white or colored pillow at a craft store and using pieces of the wedding dress for embellishments. Throw pillow embellishments can be stitched-on beautifully and add warmth and texture to whatever sized throw pillow that you’ve

One of the benefits of embellishing a throw pillow with pieces of an existing wedding dress is that a typical wedding dress could adorn a dozen or more pillows depending on the extent of the design and decoration on each pillow (and the size of the dress, but I shall not regress).

The full significance of the decorated pillow may not be realized until many years after the wedding. There will come a time, however, that the pillow will be one of the most talked about conversation pieces for many years, further discussing the beautiful wedding day. While it may be in poor taste to bring out wedding photos to show to casual guests, the pillow serves as a tangible display of the wedding that is surely going to invite discussion without fear of fleeing guests due to unlimited boring photos displays of strangers to your guest. Storing the wedding dress for years to come will be even less spoken about. Are you really going to pull out your preserved wedding gown from to how to visitors to your home?  Having pieces of the wedding dress in the living room and family room for shoe will provide comfort and joy every day.

Instead of simply creating several lookalike pillows, make them different. The variety of the different pillows adds interest and depth to any room.   If one piece of the wedding dress has an intricate pattern, perhaps use that material in just a small area of the throw pillow. On another throw pillow, you may want to cover it more with a larger or flat pattern. You can also put a bow around the throw pillow and sew it on so that it is a permanent fixture to the pillow.

Not all throw pillows are just square blobs. You can create these in different shapes including triangular, round, star-shaped, and cylinder shaped pillows. A number of different pillow sizes add to interest and focal points for guests arriving at your home.

Traditionally, mix and match pillows would have to be contrasting to furniture in color and even texture. However, we’ve seen pillows of similar color to the sofa or couch upon where it sits and quite frankly it works. It’s almost impossible to create throw pillows that do not work with existing furniture. The more the pillow sticks out, the more interest it brings.

At Wooven Dry cleaning and Laundry, the seamstresses in our wedding dress department have years of experience in creating and designing clothing, linens, and pillows from scratch. So if you are thinking about repurposing your wedding dress, don’t overlook the concept of throw pillows. While throw pillows may not be as romantic as turning your dress into lingerie, they are more practical, easier to create, and just about anything goes.

One interesting variation of the wedding dress throw pillow is using pieces of the wedding dress and pieces of the grooms’ cummerbund. You can even include pieces of the bridesmaid’s gown pillow

If you’re simply not ready to part with the dress or even the thought of slicing it up makes your hair stand on end, you probably should consider wedding dress preservation.  But if you never plan to wear the dress again and you’re not thinking about handing it down to someone else, there are so many fun things to do with pieces of the dress that can provide warm beautiful memories for years to come.

One of the simplest and easiest repurposing methods is creating fun throw pillows.

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