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  • Freedom – Take back your weekends. With our fast and easy pickup and dRelax.elivery service, laundering your clothes has never been easier or faster. Even our drop-off services can save you hours each week.
  • Separation – Never see your white clothing turn pink again. All garments laundered by Wooven are separated by color, fabric, and soil level before being washed.
  • Gentle Yet Strong – Your clothes will be cleaned to perfection with our computer optimized washing system delivering exactly as much process as needed based on materiFolded towels and clothesal and soil level. Your clothes will never be over-washed or under-washed
  • Green – Wooven only uses the finest, hypoallergenic soaps and solvents designed to reduce environmental impact and prevent clothing from harsh chemicals.
  • Vibrant – you will never wear dull clothing again. Our exclusive wash and dry systems ensure your whites will be whiter and your colors will be more vibrant.
  • Shrinkage – never worry about shrinkage. Our pH balanced soaps, mechanical reactions, and continuous monitoring of proper levels of temperature and humidity in our machines ensure minimal stress and shrinkage to garments and linens. This process also extends the life of the garment or linen.
    Folded T Shirts in Colors
  • Professionally Folded – We don’t mess around with folding! This is one of the most important parts of the process.  We ensure every garment is folded properly to reduce visible creases and wrinkling.
  • Cost Effective – What is your time worth? $10.00 an hour? $25.00 an hour? $50.00 an hour? Calculate what you believe is your hourly worth and multiply by the hours a week you do laundry. That’s only the beginning of what it costs you to do laundry. Add in the cost of electricity, water, mileage on your washer and dryer, detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, Washed and Folded Jeansor whatever else you use. You might be surprised how cost effective it is to send your laundry to Wooven Green Wash and Fold.

If you believe that it’s time that your fine garments receive the care they deserve, call us today to schedule a convenient pickup time. (954) 968-6657.

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