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DON”T SMELL BAD AGAIN!  We’ll pick up your dirty clothes one day and return your clean clothes the next day. Pickup and delivery now offered Monday – Friday. Saturday coming soon. 
We wash all of your dirty underwear, socks, pants, shirts, sheets, towels, and more.

We Give You 
The Healthiest, Easiest, and Most Convenient way to have Your Laundry Done

We will pick up your laundry, separate by colors and fabric types, wash in a purified water with natural hypoallergenic soaps imported from Europe, dry in a low temperature and deliver it back – clean soft professionally folded and ready to be worn or stored.

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Wooven Laundry offers All These Features

  • The only healthy way to wash your garments – Our Green certified hypoallergenic soaps are safe for you, yoFolded towels and clothesur family and our Planet.
  • Your garment free of odor and chemical residue – Our professional water purifying and softening system allows us to use 70% less soap than usually used for in-house washing. All together with computer controlled rinse cycle guarantees no unpleasant odor or soap residue on the fabrics after wash.
  • Your whites will always be bright – We will professionally separate all the whites from any colors to ensure whites never become pinkish or grayish.
  • Your colors will stay bright and vivid – We will wash all colors in a cold water with professional color protectors which extend the longevity of colors up to 50%.
  • Professionally folded for fewer wrinkles – We will carefully fold each garment to keep it nice and less wrinkled. Just ready for your drawer.
  • Smart choice for time and cash savings – – What is your time worth? $10.00 an hour? $25.00 an hour? $50.00 an hour? Calculate what you believe is your hourly worth and multiply by the hours a week you do laundry. That’s only the beginning of what it costs you to do laundry. Add in the cost of electricity, water, mileage on your washer and dryer, detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, or whatever else you use. You might be surprised how cost effective it is to send your laundry to Wooven Green Wash and Fold.

3 simple Steps to get Started

  1. Complete the form here
  2. Schedule the start date, time and day of the week you want us to pick you your dirty clothes
  3. Watch for your e-mail confirmation

For more information, simply call us at 954-968-6657.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
The cost is $129 per month billed once per month to the credit card you provide to us.

Is there a limit to the amount of Laundry you will wash for this price?
This price includes a full laundry bag (that we will provide) each week. When you get your first delivery, we will provide you with a laundry bag for you to use for future pick-ups. The bag is typically large enough for seven days of laundry for the average adult man.

What should I do if I miss a pickup?
You can always bring your laundry to us or simply catch us the next week.

What should I do if I am away and need to skip a week?
Simply call us at (954) 968-6657 and tell us when to skip. We will credit you for the weeks we do not send a driver to your home.

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