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Miami is home to amazing beaches, nightlife, restaurants, clubs, sports teams, shopping and more. With all that is happening in Miami, who has time to do their laundry?

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Are you one of those people that just loves to do your own laundry? If so, this information may not be for you. But if you are like the millions of Americans who would rather spend time doing a thousand other things than doing laundry, you may want to consider using a premium wash and fold service where a white-gloved laundry specialist comes to your house, picks up your dirty laundry every Tuesday and delivers meticulously cleaned and well folded garments on Friday. Then takes any new dirty laundry with him for return on Tuesday.

The best part is that you don’t even have to be home. We install a secure locker outside your home.

Letting Wooven Wash and Deliver all his Laundry

Alex is relaxing on beautiful Miami Beach while his cleaned and folded clothes are being delivered to his house.

It’s cheaper than you think

Certainly you are aware that doing our laundry at home isn’t free. There’s electric cost, water cost, hot water cost, detergent cost, and a cost for any additional products that you might use such as dryer sheets.  But there are hidden costs that are not so obvious.

  1. Wear and tear. Your washer and dryer depreciate with each use.
  2. Certainly your time has value.
  3. Extended life of garments. Professional wash and fold services can extend the life of garments by a third.

Gorgeous Sunrise in MiamiMiami Beach is Amazing. Who has time for Laundry?

Wooven Wash and Fold has been serving the Miami area since 2014 and has identified some interesting trends. Many people are reluctant to send their laundry to a service. (See “Never Wash your Underwear”). But once the leap is taken and the clothing is released to a service like Wooven,  the satisfaction rate is brilliant. “The service is almost addicting” according to Jean Fernandez of North Miami Beach. “I still can’t believe how fast and easy this service is. After doing laundry for 30 years, I don’t think I can ever go back. It’s just amazing.”

The Wash and Fold service in Miami is simple. Call Wooven at (954) 716-8668. Wooven will pick up and deliver in Miami twice a week.  You will always have clean clothes when you need them. We will text you the day before we are in your area. If you want a pickup, simply reply with a  “1” or if you do not need a pickup, reply with “2”.

Why We Love Miami

There’s much to do in Miami including Jungle Island (a Tropical attraction with exotic animals) located 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL 33132.

More Fun in Miami
The Amazing Beaches
Villa Vizcaya
Miami Seaquarium
Marlins Park
Zoo Miami

Buildings Across Biscayne Bay

Scenic View from a Beach in Miami looking across Biscayne Bay to downtown.

We pick up your dirty laundry almost anywhere in Miami-Dade county and deliver it back on the following delivery day, properly folded and immaculately clean.

Wash and fold comes in two flavors. Laundromat and Pro. The Wooven Miami wash and fold service is  professional service, That means clothing is meticulously washed in purified water with only eco-friendly solvents. Garments are professionally folded using the same folding techniques as department stores so that clothing is delivered back to you perfectly cleaned and visually appealing. The proper fold method also reduces visual seams and wrinkles.

There are numerous laundromats on Brickell Ave and Biscayne Blvd, but these are not pro services. Here are some differences:

Other Wash and Fold Services in Miami Don’t Compare Wooven Profesional
Wash and Fold
Wash and Fold
Uses Only Purified Water Yes No
Uses only Eco-Friendly Detergents Yes No
100% Hypoallergenic Solvents Only Yes Some
Multiple Levels of Separation (Color, Fabric, Soil Level) Yes No
Wash According to Manufacturer Specifications Yes Some
Dryer Humidity Control Adjusted for Specific Fabric Type Yes No
Last 10% of Dry Cycle is Cool Air (prevents shrinkage) Yes No
Meticulous Folding to Prevent Unsightly Seams and Wrinkles Yes No
Free Pickup and Delivery Yes No
Free Laundry Locker Yes No

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