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Feel Secure and Protected with your Private Personal Wedding Dress Manager

Immediately after receiving your call, a Personal Wedding Dress Manager will be assigned to you. Your Personal Manager will supervise the entire cleaning and preservation process and will be your direct point of contact.  Any time you have questions, you will be able to contact your Personal Manager using your preferred method of communication including text, phone, or e-mail.

Before the cleaning process begins, a comprehensive inspection of your gown is conducted. Your Personal Manager will contact you to discuss the initial findings and plans for cleaning.

Absolute Safety

The safety of your dress is top priority.

From the moment your wedding gown arrives at our high security facility, specially created for safety in securing valuable garments, it always remains in view of one the 27 hi-definition video cameras running 24/7.

Distinct Cleaning and Preservation Process


Nearly all wedding dresses require some pre-treatment, especially at the hems which typically touch the ground, causing both soiling and often fraying. Other common stains are makeup, wine, and food. Of course protecting your dress against damage is most important above all other details. If non-removable stains are identified your Personal Manager will contact you.

Embellishment Protection

Embellishments make your wedding dress unique and beautiful. It gives the dress its personality. Yet these beautiful adornments are the most fragile part of the dress and have the most potential for damage. To prevent any possible risk, a protective muslin cloth is attached as a covering to all embellishments and non-removable decorations, fasteners, hooks and zippers that could snag or be damaged.


Your dress is cleaned in a special state of the art dry-cleaning machine.  This “smart” machine has specific programs for wedding dresses. These programs were developed by the manufacturer after years of testing with thousands of wedding gowns from different designers and fabrics to ensure ultimate damage-free cleaning.  From the agitation rate to the temperature to the humidity and more, every aspect of the cleaning program was designed specifically for gently maximizing cleaning of wedding dresses while ensuring protection of the garment.

Upon completion of the cleaning process, the dress is inspected once again.


Only specially trained pressers care for wedding dresses. Each part and layer of your dress is separately hand pressed using only highly polished steam irons developed for silk and other delicate fabrics. The steam is created from triple filtered purified water to eliminate chemicals and minerals that could potentially stain or harm delicate fabrics. Electric irons are NEVER used because they can overheat and cause damage. After carefully pressing, the dress gets formed on a three-dimensional mannequin for 24 hours to hold its shape while settling and cooling. During this period, the anti-fungal and anti-bacteria preservation treatment begins.

Stain-Preventing Treatment

To protect your dress from irreversible brown stains caused by mold, mildew, and bacteria a highly effective non-toxic organic compound is applied to further safeguard the delicate fibers of your gown.


To enhance the luster and strength of the gown’s fibers’ your dress gets frozen for no less than 24 hours at -10ºF. This natural process has been proven effective in strengthening the natural fibers of silk, cashmere, and cotton. Additionally, the freezing process ensures your gown is completely free of all stages of moths and other microscopic insects that may have survived the cleaning process.

Ultra-Preservation Process

To ensure maximum protection, your wedding dress will be placed in a specially treated breathable preservation box to prevent highly toxic anaerobic bacteria growth and moisture condensation. Your dress will be lightly wrapped in a clean, natural muslin cloth which has been treated with antibacterial and anti-fungal solution that also absorbs excessive moisture thereby creating a less habitable breeding ground for mold, fungus, and bacteria.

Maintenance and Recommendations

Microscopic spores of fungi and bacteria are always present in the air. Storing your dress in a cool dry place discourages mold and mildew growth.

If you take it out then it is recommended that you wear the provided white cloth gloves to prevent dirt or skin oils from coming into contact with your dress.

Be sure your dress is stored away from light and heat. While it’s fine to take the dress out often for viewing, it should be promptly returned to dark storage. Natural fibers, of which most wedding dresses are made, are damaged by both sunlight and indoor lighting.

Ultra-Long Lasting Peace of Mind / 100-Years

Through proper cleaning, preservation and maintenance, your wedding dress should retain its pristine look and condition for 100 years or more.

Call us now at (954) 968-6657 for a free detailed consultation with a Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Specialist. She will explain the unique process of wedding dress cleaning & preservation and answer any questions you may have.

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