Keep the Romance Burning long after the Wedding is Over

All eyes were upon her as she walked down the aisle on her wedding day.  After spending months picking out just the right dress, it all came together and when she first appeared in her gown, everybody said she was absolutely breathtaking.

Turn your gorgeous wedding gown into sexy lingerie,

Turn your gorgeous wedding gown into sexy lingerie. Keep the magic alive.

She’s still gorgeous, and you can relive that day over and over by creating gorgeous and sexy lingerie from that wedding dress.

For many women, their wedding dress symbolizes one of the most wonderful days of their life. Their wedding day is something they dreamed of for many years and after it’s over, the pictures from that day are one of the few memories left of the amazing experience.

Many brides choose to have their wedding dress cleaned and preserved for years to come as either a memory or to give to their daughters or granddaughters.

But not all women desire to store their wedding dress in a box in the attic.

There are numerous creative things a bride can do with her wedding gown after the wedding is over.

Our favorite idea for a wedding dress is to turn it into beautiful or sexy lingerie.   Imagine how special a woman might feel days, weeks, or even years after the wedding knowing that underneath her conservative business suit she’s wearing a gorgeous and sexy bra and panty set made from the gown she wore on her wedding day.

Relive the wedding night over and over again as you cuddle up with your spouse after work wearing nothing but your wedding dress lingerie.

Any experienced seamstress has the skills to create gorgeous lingerie from your wedding dress. Often times, more than one set of undergarments can be created from one single wedding dress.

If this idea of creating lingerie from your wedding gown is not particularly interesting to you, then clean and preserve your dress now to make sure that it is in a perfect condition when you are ready to take an action or keep watching this blog for additional ideas for your wedding gown.


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