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Wooven Dry Cleaning
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★★★★★  Amazing Service!
By Tina Messi
on March 23, 2019
I could not believe how clean my dress looks! It is really looks like new! It is  so pleasant when you receive service exactly how advertised. I came to Wooven almost hopeless to restore my dress but they did a great job!  They even gave me an option to come and see the dress before preservation. It was absolutely clean and stainless so I let them go ahead with the preservation. Great experience!

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Wooven Dry Cleaning
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★★★★★  Thank you!
By Jessy Torn
on January 17, 2019
This is definitely not just dry cleaning! Beautiful and very clean place! They gave me a tour and showed how they clean wedding dresses. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Very professional and very polite. My dress looks really like new! I am proud to recommend this place to everyone!

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Wooven Dry Cleaning
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★★★★★  Amazing Job!
By Victoria Dary
on September 22, 2018
I am extremely pleased with my dress. It looks just perfect! I came to Wooven in Pompano to take a look at my dress before they preserve it and was very impressed . No stains  and the hem is perfectly clean! Thank you!

★★★★★  Thanks to Wooven
By Rebecka Diederich 
on December 22, 2016
I brought my wedding dress to Wooven to be cleaned. I live in the area but I work all day and couldn’t get there before 7:00pm. They close at 7, so I was worried about getting there on time. When I called I spoke to a lovely lady named Shelby who reassured me that they were experts in wedding dress cleaning. She clearly knew the process and gave me lot of information over the phone but said that I should call before coming in case I was running late. So at 6:45 I knew I wouldn’t make it so I decided to call them to tell them I wasn’t going to make it in time and I spoke to another really nice lady named Sheena who said that she would wait for me even if I was late. I got there at 7:20 and was there almost 45 minutes talking to Sheena. She even gave me a tour of the place and showed me how they clean wedding dresses. I am now happy to report that when I picked up the dress, it looked like new. I almost cried because it was so beautiful. Big thank you to Sheena and Shelby and of course whoever cleaned my dress. !

★★★★★  White Again!
By Judith Black on November 15, 2016
I just got my old wedding dress back from Wooven and I have to tell you that I am absolutely completely shocked. First of all I wasn’t expecting it to look halfway decent. My wedding dress has gotten old and dingy because I had it stored for about 15 years and I thought there was no hope for it. It had already started yellowing because I hadn’t cleaned it after the wedding. There were old food stains and other stains that were not identifiable. So I took it in to Wooven to see if there was anything they could do with it before I just threw the trash out. Although it cost more money than I really wanted to pay, they assured me that the stains would come out and that the yellowing would be visibly reduced.

Well to say “visibly reduced” was an understatement. When they got done dry cleaning the dress, it was stark white. There was no sign of yellowing anywhere. Even in all the nooks and crevices. There was no yellowing whatsoever. This dress looked like brand new. I mean so new that I could put the tags on it and return it saying it was never worn and nobody would know the difference even thought it was almost 15 years old and had been yellowed and stained. I would never actually do that

When I got the wedding dress back I just couldn’t believe how incredibly beautiful it actually was. I had forgotten how white and pristine this wedding dress is. Prior it was very white and I couldn’t even imagine it would ever look like this again. I am very pleased and would highly recommend Wooven to anyone that wants to get their wedding dress cleaned.

★★★★☆  More Expensive but Probably Worth it
By Rikki L on August 22, 2016
At first I was skeptical to bring my wedding dress to Wooven because they are more expensive than my other dry cleaners but it seemed like they knew what they were doing so I decided to trust them with my dress and I’m sure glad I did because they did a really amazing job. Sometimes you get what you pay for and I’m happy that I came to Wooven to get my dress cleaned.

★★★★★    The entire procedure really went very smoothly
By Georgianna Copen on July 27, 2016
I was married nearly thirty years ago and I’ve always regretted not keeping my wedding dress. My daughter was married recently and I decided to give her the gift of having her wedding dress preserved. I didn’t know anything about wedding dress preservation and I did see that there were several different companies that offer this service at varying prices. Some were cheap and some are more expensive. I called several of these companies and it seems like a couple of people didn’t really know what they were talking about. When I called Wooven Dry Cleaners they told me their entire process and detailed every bit of the procedure to the point where I felt pretty comfortable turning over my daughter’s beautiful gown. The entire procedure really went very smoothly. They actually picked it up from my home and talked to me about four or five times during the process. They were really great when they called me and discussed the different parts of what would be happening and I was really appreciative of that because I didn’t know this was how the process works. I guess it’s a lot more complicated than I thought because it includes special materials to protect the dress and to make sure that it doesn’t get mold or anything like that on it. So when I got it back it was in a really nice preservation box with a little window so that you could open it up and actually see the dress without taking it out. I recommend them highly and would absolutely use them again if I had another daughter.

★★★★★  They Got All the Dirt Out and Even Fixed The Rips
By Jene Byford on July 26, 2016
We got married on the beach and I wore a super formal gown. Okay. Big mistake. The white train was so dirty that I didn’t think I would ever get the dirt out. Also there were a lot of loose threads because after the ceremony my feet were killing me so I decided to go barefoot on the beach and the dress dragged all day until I took it off later which is a whole separate story. Anyway to make a long story short I was planning to donate to dress but when I took the dressing to donate it they didn’t even want it because they said it was so dirty and then I would need to have a clean first. So I looked up cleaning companies online and found Wooven and give them a call and tell them how dirty my dress for less. They told me to bring it in so they can take a look at it and when I did they saw that there were so many rips and tears in it that I didn’t think it was worth saving. But they said they had a seamstress that could fix all that so I left it with them for about a week and when I got it back it just blew my mind. First of all they had completely mended all of the rips and tears so it was in pristine condition. Also they had completely cleaned it so there is no more filth on the bottom. Also I think there was some food stains that they also got off. Then I decided that I didn’t even want to donate it so I also had it preserved. They did such a great job. Just amazing.

Love these folks, they really take such great care of everything. They know everything about cleaning and I have been using them for several years. I’m always forgetting when I need to pick up and they give me courtesy call reminders. And I’ve had some special rush requests, which they’re really nice about. So of course they were my first choice for cleaning my daughters bridal gown. As always, they did take great care of it and made it look like new. Can’t recommend them enough!

★★★★★   I was so embarrassed
By Cecila 
on April 22, 2016
Something embarrassing happened here. I was talking to the nice woman when I swallowed the wrong way and started coughing like crazy. This was while I was being fitted for my bridesmaid dress.

The woman was so nice to me! She stayed with me while another woman got me some cold ice water and had me sit down and relax for a while until I could talk again. Then we proceed to exchange stories of embarrassing incidents. Not only did they end up doing a great job on the dress, but they are clearly just great people and I really appreciated their help during that super awkward moment!!

★★★★☆   Good as expected
By Jonell K on March 25, 2016
Great place to go for dry cleaning, I had my wedding dress that needed to be dry cleaned and I was able to pick it up at a reasonable time and it was well cleaned and not damaged whatsoever. I was able to get my dress back quickly.

★★★☆☆   Clean but slow
By Ngan Lasater on March 13, 2016
I’d really love to give Wooven a 5-star review but I can’t.  In all honesty they did a pretty good job on the dress and I can’t really complain about the quality of the work they did but they told me that it would take them about a week to complete the cleaning and preservation process of my wedding dress. Unfortunately took almost 3 weeks. They kept giving me excuses why it was taking longer but when they tell you a week it should only take a week. So finally I just decided I was going to tell them to finish it and I would just come in and pick it up in whatever condition of work that has already been done. But they called me just in time to tell me it was ready. It actually took 19 days from the day I dropped it off until the time I picked it up. A for cleaning but a D for speed.

★★★★☆   Excellent Quality, but why Clean it Again?
By Demetra Cashin on February 27, 2016
I had my dress cleaned 10 years ago after my wedding, but decided that I needed to get it preserved so that I can store it properly. I brought it to Wooven to preserve but they said that they couldn’t preserve it without cleaning it again first. It looked clean to me so I was a bit miffed. After they explained the preservation process, I understood it better. Basically they sanitize it before they preserve it so any dust mites or other tiny disgusting things are killed and then repelled. They said if they preserve it with the nasty stuff in it, it would be like sealing (preserving) a jar of jam that’s already almost spoiled.

So I spent the extra money and got it cleaned again. They did a nice job with the preservation but it cost me more than I was hoping because of the extra cleaning. My advice is that if you are going to spend the money to get your wedding dress dry cleaned, spend the extra to get it preserved. After a few years in your closet, you’ll need to clean it AGAIN and the cost of cleaning twice is the same as cleaning + preserving once. 

★★★★★   They WOWED me with my Bridal Gown.
By Janice James on December 11, 2015
How can I thank Wooven enough? I was so totally amazed. I got married outside at Morikami and the grounds were still wet and we took all these pictures outside. By the end of the day, the bottom of my dress had been dragging in the grass and dirt all day long.  Don’t even ask about the cake and wine and other unidentified stains on my dress. It was a mess. After I got my dress back from Wooven, I got it back I honestly couldn’t believe how clean it was. I am completely serious when I tell you that I could have easily put the tags back on and taken back to the store and told them that I never wore it and got my money back.  I would never do that because they put in such a nice preservation box that I will have it for years. But, it’s just the point that it looked completely and totally brand-new. Nobody could ever tell they have been worn before. If I could give Wooven six stars I would.

★★★★★    Couldn’t Believe the Transformation
By Lissette Harrigan on November 21, 2015
Wooven cleaned a vintage antique white bride gown that I bought at a thrift store. Anyway, I thought it was antique white but it was bright white when they got done. I couldn’t believe it was the same dress. I bought it for $25, spent $150 on cleaning and I sold it on Ebay for $310 plus $40 shipping. Not a bad return for a $25 dress.

★★★★☆   The Free Shipping was a Nice Touch
By Corene Blassingame on November 7, 2015
Yesterday UPS delivered my dress that Wooven preserved and it was amazing. I live in Philadelphia and shipped the dress to Florida. It cost me $68 to ship it. They took the $68 off the total cost so that I didn’t have to pay for shipping to them. So it was done really nice in a box with a window and they sent me some white gloves which I am supposed to use whenever I handle the dress so it doesn’t get oil from my hands. I thought it was expensive at first, but since thy paid for shipping and did some alterations and dry cleaning and preserve, I guess it wasn’t that bad for the work done.

★★★★★   Great.
By Chelsey Skowon on July 8, 2015
So this is kind of an unusual story but I bought a gorgeous wedding dress about 5 years ago when my boyfriend and I were starting to get serious. I never told him about it but was certainly hoping that the relationship would eventually evolve and I would be prepared! Well wouldn’t you know it? We broke up and there was no wedding.

As a hopelessly romantic person I decided to keep the dress hoping that it would bring me luck in the future which it did. About two years ago I met the most wonderful guy in the world and we got engaged to be married. I thought it might be weird using the same dress that I bought for a potential previous marriage but never wore to wear on this particular wedding but my fiancé (now my husband) told me that it was a beautiful dress and it’s not weird at all because I had never worn it and I loved the dress and it’s not like I actually wore it to a previous wedding or anything like that. So I took it out of the downstairs closet where it had been sitting for 5 years and it was clearly musty smelling and probably a bit dusty.

I’m allergic to almost everything and when I took the dress out of the closet it practically made me sick sneezing and wheezing. I knew something funky had gotten into it but I also didn’t want dry cleaning chemicals because as I mentioned I am allergic to almost everything. LOL. So I looked for a dry cleaner that does hypoallergenic cleaning and that’s when I found Wooven and thought I would give them a try. It was a little bit more expensive than other places I checked with but I figured it was well worth it to have my wedding dress properly cleaned in all natural chemicals or whatever it is that they do.

They did a really excellent job! The dress was clean and had no funky odor or that nasty dry cleaning odor. The wedding was great and I am planning to go back to Wooven again to have the dress preservation done.

★★★★★   Pleased and Good Job
By D Kempker on May 15, 2015
The service is great and so are the people. I was very pleased with the job they did on my gown and will recommend them to anyone else I know that is getting married. 

★★★★★   They Make You Change Your Mind
By Lourie Shingler on May 14, 2015
After getting married I thought about what to do with my dress and wasn’t sure if I was going to sell it, donate it, or keep it. I figured that if I was going to get rid of it, it would not be worth the time or effort to get it cleaned. Also I think most people that buy used dresses are probably going to clean it anyway so there was no reason to spend the money to clean it and them someone else send the money to clean it also. But after a few months I thought that my cousin might be able to us it for her wedding because she’s a little low on funds. So now I figured it was time to get it cleaned and I took it to Wooven for cleaning. So when I got it back it was in a box and looked so nice that I got a little nostalgic and decided to keep it.

★★★★★      Outstanding
By Aimee Renninger on May 6, 2015
12 years ago my daughter got married and gave me her dress to do with as I pleased. She had no interest in keeping it as there would be no daughter in her future. In my haste, I just threw it in a bag and stored it in the attic. Since my daughter had two previous short-lived failed marriages, we didn’t make a big deal of this dress (or the wedding for that matter). But this marriage is different. He’s a wonderful man and their marriage is stronger than ever. So I was getting sentimental and decided to take it out of the attic and YIKES! It had roach and vermin droppings on it. It stunk and had a few holes. It was a nightmare. I called Wooven to ask them what to do and they told me to put in a big garbage bag and bring it in. I did as I was told and 4 days later they returned the dress disinfected, sanitized, and spotless. They even repaired the holes. I couldn’t believe it was the same dress. They did a fantastic job I am VERY pleased. I cannot say enough about them OUTSTANDING!

★★★★★   Pick-up and Delivery service and Cleaning Expertise.
By Unknown January 8, 2015
We There were some concerns getting started because I didn’t think that they understood what I was asking. They kept insisting that I needed to get my dress preserved but I was planning to sell it and didn’t think I needed a 100 year preservation if someone else was going to were it to their wedding in a month or so. Anyway after all the confusion ended, they did a nice job.

★★★★★   Got mad and feel bad
By Dedre Chisholm on January 5, 2015
I brought my bridesmaid dress to Wooven to be refreshed. It was new but I purchased more than a year ago and it had some wrinkles and had gotten a little dusty in the back of the closet for so long.

Since it didn’t need any stain removal or alterations, the guy there told me it would be ready in two days. But when I came back a few days later, they had forgotten to do it.

I totally went off on the guy there – and then felt bad. He was super nice and I think he felt really bad that my dress didn’t get cleaned. Luckily I didn’t need it right away, so I told him I would come back again in two days.

He was incredibly apologetic and not only did he take 50% off the price of the dress, he offered me 20% off my next cleaning. By the way they finished the dress that same day and I picked it up later. It was cleaned and pressed done perfectly.

★★★★☆   Great Quality but long turnaround times
By Beverley Salgado on November 4, 2014
This is the only dry cleaning service I have used in South Florida and the only one I considered for my wedding dress. It helps that I live nearby, but I would travel here if I didn’t. They’re always professional, friendly, reliable, and I never have to be concerned about the quality of their dry cleaning and pressing.

Their prices are high, though I haven’t compared them to other places…and I’d rather pay slightly more for consistent quality and professional service.

They also quote very long turn-around times. When I dropped off one pair of dress pants for cleaning on Monday, I was told they’ll be ready for pick-up on Thursday. That’s a lot, in my opinion. They’ve always been done a day early, though, and I wish they’d change their quoted turn-around time to reflect this because I always feel bad having to ask to get my clothes back sooner.

★★★★☆   Good job but not the cheapest or fastest
By Tianna Seals on October 30, 2014
I am happy to provide a review but I really don’t have much to say. They cleaned my wedding dress and did a good job! No complaints. Also they put it in a nice box and the people there are really friendly. They are more expensive and are no faster than other cleaners but I feel that I can trust them the best to clean my expensive items.

★★★★★   Good all around
By Kecia Urbina on October 18, 2014
I brought my wedding dress in to be cleaned and preserved and spoke to Shelby who spent about 15 minutes with me going over every detail of the preservation process. She was really nice. She shook my hand and welcomed me and gave me a glass of water. I thought that was a nice touch. What was even better was that the cleaning and preservation process was supposed to take a week, but Shelby called me three days later to tell me it was done. I told her I wasn’t able to pick it up until the follow week because my car was in the shop but she told me not to worry about it and she had it delivered to me for free. In the end and most important was that the dress looked like new and was in a beautiful box that has a window. It was a great experience all around. – Kecia

★★★★☆  Fine 
By Nikki Garber on June 2, 2014
I thought they did a good job. It was clean and nicely preserved. But I also think that it was a little bit more money than other dry cleaners. I am not certain it was worth the price. But in all honesty, it’s not like I tried anyone else out. Maybe another cleaner would do a good job and maybe another cleaner may not do a good job. I don’t know. They were the second company that came up on Google but the first company didn’t pick up. I might use them again but would probably try someone else cheaper first.

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