Wellington’s Top Dry Cleaner Explains What You Need To Know About Brighter Whites

More than ever before, bright crisp whites that you can proudly wear can be a challenge.  The habit of simply adding bleach to the laundry load like your grandmother did is not feasible in this day and age. Often, adding bleach might even make it worse, turning your whites a light yellow. On the other side of the coin, whites can come out of the wash a light grey too. Neither of these is outcomes is necessary, if you know a few simple tips.

Let’s talk whiteness-different fabrics can produce different shades! Here’s why!

Fabrics that are pastel or white can start looking dingy or yellowish after wearing and washing them only a few times. This is usually because of the breakdown of brightening agents that are added to light colored fabrics. Many fabrics have an off-white cast to them when they are first produced. Their natural color is bleached out to make them appear whiter and brighter. Over time the optical brighteners that the fabrics are treated with can deteriorate.

If your whites are starting to have a gray shade this is often the result of some dirt and grime being left behind. This usually occurs over an extended period of time even though you have had them repeatedly washed.

Keeping your whites their brightest!

As unobvious as it sounds, one of the best things you can do for your white fabrics is avoid exposure to light. This means no line drying outdoors for any light colored garments. Have you ever left a fabric item outside in the sun? You’ll notice even after only after a few hours the front of the fabric is no longer white but sort of a yellowish shade. The back side-that was away from direct sunlight remains white. This happens because of the breakdown of the optical brighteners that are applied to fabrics when they are made. Correcting this sort of damage is usually impossible, in other words, it’s almost always permanent.

Secondly, avoid using chlorine bleach. This is especially important for the following fabrics: acetate, wool, silk, nylon and rayon. Bleach accelerates the breakdown of the brightening additives even more than the expected usual time from normal wear and use. It’s also recommended to avoid using alkaline detergents, especially on light colored wool, silk and nylon items.

What can I do to keep my whites looking their best?

One of the best things you can do is trust their care to Wooven Dry Cleaning. Our expert and highly trained staff can clean and treat them to keep your garments looking like new.

Wooven will pre-soak your heavily stained clothing to make sure that all the soils are completely removed. We also use the appropriate water temperatures for your garments. Additional water conditioners may be added as well to ensure your whites come out looking their best. When it comes to your brightest whites, trust them to Wooven.

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