What Really Happens To Your Clothes At Wooven?

How does Wooven make clothing have a like new appearance? Who is in charge of making sure the ultimate care is taken with each and every garment and piece? With the service and high quality care Wooven provides, you can rest assured you’re receiving the best garment care in America. Our expertly trained staff will remove stains, address any issues, eliminate wrinkles and so much more! Looking great is easy when you choose Wooven for your wardrobe care.

Convenient Drop Off Locations or Free Pick Up-The Choice Is Yours

Let’s begin at the service desk of your favorite, convenient Wooven drop off location. When you arrive you will be greeted by one of our friendly customer service representatives. It’s important for you to point out any stains or inquire about any other problems you would like addressed. By doing this, you can make sure our clothing care experts will give your clothing the care it deserves.

Timesaving, free pick up and delivery is available for all of our Wooven clients as well. Just attach a quick note to any article of clothing that needs extra attention. If there is an issue that Wooven cannot solve, we’ll attach a note explaining why.

Time To Visit The Family-Owned Dry Cleaning Plant

We have invested in our own state of the art plant facility to give clothing the cleaning you expect from Wooven. We first tag your apparel with our specialized system. Next, we classify them by variety, fabric content, color and cleaning process. Garments look their best with a variety of different cleaning methods. Wooven chooses the best method of cleaning based on care labels and industry standards. These methods include dry cleaning, laundering, hand washing or wet cleaning.

Leather, furs and other types of specialty apparel require care that is above and beyond regular garment cleaning. Stains on these types of items may require special efforts before we clean them and some do not. Wooven inspects and plans a strategy with each individual piece.

More About The Actual Dry Cleaning Process

It’s true that dry cleaning cleans clothing without the use of water. With that said, it’s imperative that you know that liquids are still involved.  Here at Wooven we use an environmentally friendly dry cleaning fluid. This fluid treats the toughest stains but leaves most fabrics undamaged. Throughout the process other dry cleaning detergents are added by a carefully controlled system. The precision of this system is how we make sure the clothes are properly cleaned.

Wooven Does Wet Cleaning Too!

Wet Cleaning is a very high end and specialized process. It is actually the newest in cleaning technology. To give clothing a refreshed and renewed appearance, wet cleaning uses highly specialized equipment and detergents to get clothing its cleanest. There is nothing similar to this. It was created specially for animal based fabrics as silk, wool and leather. During the wet cleaning process we use special protein based soaps and other cleaning agents, which not only prevents shrinkage and color loss but also nourishes fabrics giving them a smooth lustrous look.

After this process, our expert staff checks your clothes for stains that may still remain after the regular cleaning cycle. Any stains are treated and they are cleaned again before we return them to you.

Next Stop-The Pressing Area

Your clothes’ cleaning journey continues on to the pressing area. Here your garments are pressed and finished to look most like they did when you purchased them. This requires a professional eye for detail and here is where it all happens. Whether you need them for work, adventure, sports, an evening event or any or occasion they once again look their best.

The Inspection Line-up

After stopping at the pressing area all of your clothing items are gathered together and arrive at their last stop-the inspection line-up. Here we look for missing buttons, any other issues or marks from pressing equipment that aren’t ideal. Garments that don’t pass this inspection process are sent back for further care. Clothing that exceeds this high quality inspection process is bagged up and readied for delivery or pick up depending on your preferences.

Thank You For Taking The Wooven Tour!

We hope you loved the condensed version of what really happens to your clothes at Wooven. Further questions, if you have them, can be answered by our customer service representatives or by a Wooven supervisor at any time. We enjoy providing high quality services to our clients and will be happy to discuss your questions at your convenience. Thank you for choosing Wooven Dry Cleaning!

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